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In 1964 Giovanni Santambrogio opened his small factory producing sofa beds, loveseats, leather sofas, sectional sofas, modern sofas, reclining sofas, and armchairs using techniques learned at the academy of Brera in Milan Italy. After a decade spent perfecting his craft he began focusing his business on producing and selling living room furniture directly to the customer, concentrating on adapting sizes and measurements, customizing it to the needs and requirements of the most particular architects, designers and private clients. Santambrogio sofas factory soon became a benchmark in the furniture field, producing some of the finest Italian sofas in all of Italy.

Today, the Santambrogio family concentrates not only on the ancient traditions but also focuses on keeping up with modern structural and technological innovations. In this family business all of the sofas are designed by Claudio Santambrogio, third generation craftsman and grandson of founder Giovanni Santambrogio. Tax Free Italian sofas Claudio studied at both Milan University and San Diego University and holds two degrees in interior design. Production and quality control at the furniture factory is overseen by Giuliano Santambrogio, Claudio’s father. Santambrogio produces the furniture in Italy, it is then shipped in containers directly to Houston Texas, and moved to warehouses in either New Jersey or California then delivered directly to the door of the customer without the use of retailers or middle men.
Full grain leather from the best farms is used, it is vegetable tanned in Italy providing the supple texture, rich patina and beautiful character that only a natural hide can provide.

Every piece of Santambrogio custom furniture is warranted and will be delivered with a certificate of authenticity stating the date of creation, the fabrics or leather used and the names of the craftsmen who constructed the piece. The Santambrogio tag sewn into the seam at the back of the piece further certifies it to be genuine Italian sofa made at Santambrogio.

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