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Want to learn how to become an upholsterer

We arrived at the end of the course for upholsterers organized in our factory by Claudio Santambrogio who has the motto: "We must invest in young people, give them confidence and above all teach them the art of upholstering"

 In May 2015 the students had not the slightest idea of ​​where to put their hands to work a sofa. However at the last lesson we arrived to find that all the students are completely independent and able to work a sofa.

 Starting from the design of the wooden structure we taught each stage of production but above all we wanted to teach the care for details and finishing touches; if you want to be a good upholsterer you must never neglect even the smallest detail!

 A unique experience was had by all and we would have never imagined the interest, passion and eagerness that these young people would come to school with ready and willing to learn the age old techniques of leather upholstering!

All students had a current job: some dealing with fashion designers and others with wooden furniture, but all were willing to learn this creative trade and very dedicated to this project. They were especially rewarded at the end of class when they were able to see the result of the commitment they made to learn the trade in the form of a beautiful handcrafted sofa!

Every week we worked on a new part of the couch from the preparation of all of the materials needed as well as the padding of the frame to the careful intricate cutting of the leather and applying it to the padding then and most importantly the installation of the hand applied buttons to create the button tufted effect!

 Weeks and weeks of commitment … many times redoing what had already been done in an attempt for perfection as well as many accidentally hammered fingers led to tenacity and perseverance.

 The students sometimes became discouraged thinking that it would be impossible to become an accomplished upholsterer… but in the end with tenacity and perseverance their skills were made manifest in the production of this nearly perfect leather sofa… meeting the quality standards of our company.

 Students then received compliments from all the members of our company, expert upholsterers and seamstresses personally shook hands with them, complementing the fine result they achieved after months and months of dedication and effort.

 For now, the sofa can be viewed in our showroom of Seveso (Milan) and you are invited to come see for yourself the work of the hands of our accomplished students!
The sofa that the students created with Claudio Santambrogio, will be donated by our company to a family in need.
 Soon we will publish the photos of the students, or perhaps better to call them “Future Upholsterers” We congratulate them!

Santambrogio Sofa News: Want to learn how to become an upholsterer
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