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Santambrogio: Italian living room sofas

Santambrogio has stayed ahead of market trends by continually striving to combine both ancient traditional methods along with innovative new techniques thereby setting a benchmark for excellence in the industry. Only in this manner do they proudly allow the furniture to bear the Santambrogio family name for the past three generations.

The Santambrogio family business produces all models internally in Italy at their factory employing skilled Italian artisans, meticulous upholsterers and seamstresses that have worked for the company in many cases for several decades. Only superior quality leathers and fabrics will be considered for use on one of their original pieces to furnish your living room with high quality sofa set. Santambrogio sofas are highly requested by discriminating interior designers and architects because of their outstanding record and tradition of excellence.
The Italian furniture company is situated just north of Milan and produces all types of sofas including timeless Chesterfield sofas, sofa beds, classic and contemporary leather sofas, loveseats, chaise lounges and armchairs. Every piece is tailor made to the satisfaction of their customers across the world. Guaranteed and marked with the sought after Santambrogio insignia hand sewn into a back seam, a mark of true Italian heirloom quality and excellence, certifying that the product was entirely made in Italy.

Via Vignazzola no. 20/22
20822 Seveso (Milan)
Phone: (0039) 335-6891979 (WhatsApp available)
Fax: (0039) 0362-1632067
Email: info@bestitaliansofas.com
Skype: claudio.santambrogio

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