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The production site for all Santambrogio sofas is located a few kilometres from Milan, more precisely in the municipality of Seveso in the province of Monza-Brianza. This is where our craft factory is located, where experienced upholsterers work with care and passion, following traditional techniques for manual work and using modern machinery for different types of production.
The factory and showroom are located in the same building, so you can see how we make our handcrafted beds and sofas and visit the shop where our original sofas and beds are displayed for sale. Thanks to its location, the shop is easy to reach from the metropolis of Milan, as well as from other cities and towns in Lombardy, from the nearest Monza, Lecco and Como, as well as from Varese, Bergamo, and Brescia, from the whole of Brianza, and from the provinces of Novara and Pavia via the major roads.
At the vast shop in Seveso, you will not only find Santambrogio sofas on display, but also beds, armchairs and curtains. Giuliano, Claudio and the entire staff will be pleased to assist each customer in the choice of their sofa to match their personal taste and needs, explaining the latest offers and offering valid support in the choice of upholstery from over 1500 fabrics and 25 different types of leather.
The company also offers a useful after-sales service to help its customers with the care and maintenance of each sofa, from washing the upholstery fabrics of removable sofas to cleaning and spotting leather sofas.

Fabbrica e Showroom :
Via Vignazzola, 20 - 20822 Seveso (Monza Brianza)
Tel. 0362 1621214 - Fax. 0362 1632067

Showroom opening hours:
we are open at the times indicated below, all customers will be welcomed in accordance with current regulations.

MONDAY - FRIDAY: 9.00 - 19.00
SATURDAY: 10.00 - 19.00 appointment only click here
SUNDAY: with appointment only click here






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